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E: Unable to locate package python3-urllib3 shj, sudo apt-get install python3-urllib3 I tried it ok, did you put sudo before it? i have a lot of problems with apt lately EriC^^, me too :( ObrienDave, still here? shj: any luck? yes, i just asked a question I cannot do it - only sudo the apt-get command you are using gnome? I have no choice - I have to do it from the command line ok, hold on L3top: huh, well now that I booted into the desktop I had to manually run it. So I guess I'm going to have to try the installer. EriC^^, did you find it - I have a lot of problems in resolving dependencies - cannot download from the repos and cannot install from the packages EriC^^, is it still in the repos? ObrienDave: no, i think it's been replaced with something called libcurl3 ObrienDave, that did it - thanks ok, good it's part of the libcurl3 package i think ObrienDave: i think you can't really get rid of apt, it's too ubiquitous EriC^^: But you know, some apps don't play nice with new versions of libcurl3 either shj, you're welcome shj: try sudo apt-get -f install shj: then try sudo apt-get install libcurl3 again EriC^^, apt-get -f install -s Eri



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